The Omovo TV Hybrid Entertainment Box combines numerous entertainment solutions into a single package. Some of them include: • Smart TV Converter • Android Miracast/DLNA • Wi-Fi Hotspot • Local Media Player • Omovo App Store has many apps like Netflix Youtube,etc you can download for free. • Over 1000 Free to air sattalite channels. • Over 10,000 Live IPTV channels. • 5000 Radio Stations all over the world • Facebook,Twitter,Skype,Google etc  • Removable SD Cards • USB Storage Facility • PS2 Games, With Omovo TV’s weather resistant satellite dish, your signal stays strong no matter the weather. Omovo TV’s Hybrid Entertainment Box also functions as an IPTV Set Top Box, allowing you to view live streaming channels.The Omovo TV Hybrid Entertainment Box runs a Quad-Core 1.5G Processor and a Quad-Core Mail450 GPU, allowing you to browse the internet, check email, download and upload content, and more, all from your TV. • You can now view pictures, videos, etc from your phone or tablet, comfortably on your TV. WI-FI HOTSPOT. OMOVO STORE Browse hundreds of apps in the following categories: Live Streaming, VOD, Sports, Games and Other. Available apps include Netflix, FilmOn, Radio, Facebook, Skype, and YouTube etc.